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Suspension of aerobatic equipment

When suspending in a concrete ceiling, it is advisable to use a bracket fixed at a minimum of 4 points, which, for example, does not affect the increased breaking force due to drop / fall tricks in terms of safety, and does unhook during rotations and other movements such as a swing hook.

The use of the bracket on a suspended ceiling is prohibited.
If possible, it is advisable to ask an expert to check the suitability of the planned site for suspension.
For wood, beams, etc. we first test the stability of the given material which must be repeated on a regular basis.


Use a safe suspension device. Beginners should not use aerial equipment that is placed too high! (Eg: In the case of an Aerial Hoop, the bottom of the hoop should be at the height of the chin.)

Always have a mattress under the air gymnastics device to catch falls! Make sure nothing is close enough to kick in while moving.rúgjunk.

Why is it recommended to use a spinner/rotating eye?

The rotating eye can be used on all aerobic equipment to ensure proper rotation of the equipment, to prevent the straps from being twisted and thereby worn, and to prevent the Silk or Hammock from winding up, which can make it difficult to separate the equipment.

The rotation and moving of the aerobics device will be even with the help of the rotating eye. This simplifies our presentation of each position from the right angle, which makes it look even more spectacular.

The spinner also reduces the lateral tension of the attachment point, which is essential for safety.

Why use a special strapping/mount for Silk?

It protects the material from damage and wear, contrary to the harness strapping.
This strapping alternative helps extend the life of the Silk as the load is distributed on the strap.

It makes it easier and simpler to open and separate the material during tricks, because it creates a minimal gap, which not only makes our work easier, but also makes the use of Silk safer.

How many suspension points should the Hammock be secured to?

It’s a matter of taste and function. In aerial yoga it is usually secured at two points (which is worth mounting the same size as the distance between the two shoulder joints), for aerobics it is customary to use the device at one point.

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